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Recover to dissimilar hardware

This function is only available when you restore operating system installed on primary partition, if you want to restore a system partition after some hardware changed or restore to another computer which has different hardware configuration, tick this option will allow you add new hardware drivers in the process.

Full way:

  • Click Recovery -> Disk/Partition recovery in the Home page.
  • Press Browse to locate the image file of your operating system and click Next to continue.
  • Choose the system, boot partition of the operating system you want to recovery at first, and then check Recover to dissimilar hardware box in the lower left corner, click Next.
  • Specify where to restore the operating system, click Next and the computer will ask for rebooting. This feature can only be executed in Pre-OS mode or WinPE bootable disk.
  • During the operation, when new hardware is detected, you will get a pop-up box which prompts you to load the driver manually. Browse the directory to search for the driver and install it, or click Skip to ignore the box if you are sure the newly discovered hardware is not needed for booting the computer.
  • After adding all necessary drivers, you may try to boot from the destination hard disk by changing the boot sequence in BIOS.

Quick way:

A specialized and simplified wizard for Recover to dissimilar hardware, this quick way is located under Recovery Button and its name is Recover to dissimilar hardware, click it to start the simple way.

  • Select the system image which you want to recover, if you have ever created a system image through System backup feature, the generated image file will be chosen by default.
  • Decide where you want to recover the system image file to, click Proceed to implement the operation.

If the destination disk is SSD, ticking the box Optimize for SSD will ensure sector alignment in the process, and the chance of successfully booting from the SSD after recovery will be increased.
It always unnecessary to check the other option, know more about it, please refer to Sector by sector recovery.

This feature is only available in its commercial edition.

Step by step tutorial: Restore system to dissimilar hardware