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System recovery

Recover the image file created by System backup feature. This is also the quickest meaning for recovering system, you can finish the task only in 2 steps.

  • Click Recovery -> System recovery under Home page, our product will automatically located the path where the image file exists. Choose the one you want to recover and click Next.
  • Select the destination hard disk which you want to recover to, and then click Proceed to implement the operation.

If the destination disk is SSD, ticking the box Optimize for SSD will ensure sector alignment in the process, and the chance of successfully booting from the SSD after recovery will be increased.

Generally it is not necessary to check the other option, which is described in Sector by sector recovery.


If the size or location of the original system partition has been changed since the image created, our product will ask you to restore to another hard disk when you try to recover the image file.

Step by step tutorial: System state backup and recovery