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Disk and partition recovery

To recover disk/partitions, please do as the following steps:

1. Click Recovery -> Disk/Partition recovery to start the wizard.

2. Select a backup task to recover (You can find the correct task by its Description). If the task you want to recover is not in the list, locate it manually by clicking Browse.

3. All the backup images are listed in the timeline. Backup type and Created time is helpful for determining the proper image.
Select the image version you need. Then choose the partition(s) or hard disk(s) you want to recover. It is unnecessary to choose the entire content if you just want to recover part of it, such as choosing only one partition in a disk image file.

4. Select a destination location to recover the disk/partition to.
* If the destination disk is SSD, ticking the box Optimize for SSD will ensure sector alignment in the process, and the chance of successfully booting from the SSD after recovery will be increased.
* Ticking Sector by sector recovery will perform recovery in sector by sector mode. In this mode, you cannot modify the size of recovered partitions. For more information, see Sector by sector recovery.

5. Preview the disk or partition layout after recovery.
* You can also edit the recovered partition, including resize and move partition on the disk map, set active.

6. Click Proceed to start recovery. The recovery process will be shown in the window.

Restore Specific files from disk/partition images

1. launch EaseUS Todo Backup, click Recovery -> Disk/Partition recovery.

2.Select a backup task to restore (you can identify it by Name and Created time). Or click Browse to locate image manually. Choose "File" in Recovery model. Select the specific folder /file to recover.