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Pre-OS can be considered as a simple OS environment, under which you can use our product without system login or a ready bootable disk created. It is especially useful when the operating system fails to boot, login Pre-OS environment and recovering from a previous image will resolve the trouble easily. It will be turned on by pressing Enable Pre-OS under Tool page.

And there are 2 kind of Pre-OS environment for different editions.
Linux Pre-OS for Free and all Trial editions, which is based on Linux environment, and only Clone features are available under it.
Windows Pre-OS (which is also known as WinPE) for all paid editions, the version of WinPE that our product uses is 4.0 which is a simple Windows 7 environment, nearly all features are available in this environment. For Free and Trial editions, you can also enjoy this kind of Pre-OS after installing Windows AIK and creating a WinPE bootable disk or exporting a WinPE ISO file.

When you intend to recover under Pre-OS or bootable CD/USB environment, please make sure the entire path which contains the image file consists with ASCII cord only.

Enable/Disable Pre-OS

Switch the status of Pre-OS between Enable and Disable by clicking Enable/Disable Pre-OS under tool page. The name of the button depends on current status of Pre-OS. If Pre-OS is turning on now, the button will be Disable Pre-OS. Instead, the button will display as Enable Pre-OS when Pre-OS is turning off.

Once the Pre-OS enabled, you will get a boot menu which has our product included, select it and you can use our product before Windows starts to load.