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P2V conversion

To move a data storage disk/partition into Virtual Machine, it is easy to create a backup and then convert it to virtual disk. Click Virtualization - P2V conversion.

1. Select a backup task to restore (you can find the task you need by its Description). If the task you want to recover is not in the list, manually locate it by clicking Browse.

2. All the backup images are listed in the timeline. Backup type and Created time is helpful for determining the proper image. Then choose the partition(s) or hard disk(s) you want to convert.

3. Specify the destination to save the virtual disk. Local disk and Network directory can be set as the destination. Click the Down Arrow to get the destination history.

4. Configure the parameters for the virtual disk.Virtual disk name: Specify the name of the virtual disk Virtual software vender: Select VMware or Virtual PC to create .vmdk or .vhd