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Offsite copy

Create a copy of the backup image onto FTP server. Please tick the checkbox Enable before setting the parameters.

FTP address - specify the FTP address for your network.

Port - specify a port number for your network. In FTP networking, a port is an application-specific or process-specific software construct serving as a communications endpoint, providing a multiplexing service.

Username - specify the username to login the FTP network server.
Note: You can select Anonymity if the FTP network server is shared to all users in the network.

Password - specify the password to login the FTP network server if it is needed.

Retry attempts - set the retry times. If the program fails to connect the network server, the program will try to connect the server again. It will retry times which you set.

Delay between retries - set the retry delay time. According to the retry delay time, there is a time interval between two connections.

Connect type - FTP has two working mode, PORT and PASV, select the suitable connect type according to your situation.

Test parameter - test whether you can connect the network server successfully after setting.