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Modify a schedule backup

If you want to change the options or parameters for a plan you set before, please click Management, and distinguish the plan you want to modify through name, created time or other information, and then click Edit. In the prompt window, the parameters can be modified are listed below. Please notice that all the changes only take effect for the following plan and will be available after you save the changes.

Details - the name and description of the task can be changed here, and you can switch Backup mode along Full, Incremental and Differential. For a disk and partition schedule, there has an additional option to decide whether the following backups need to be executed in Sector by sector backup

Contents - add new files for file backup schedule, or decrease backup content for both schedule.

Location - set another destination path for following backups, our product will ask you whether to transfer previous image file after you save this change. The next backup will be certainly a full backup in the new location if you refuse to move old image files.

Result and Image - information under these two pages cannot be modified, but you can get some basic information about the plan here.

Schedule - set new time point to run the schedule, more about how to set, please refer to Schedule setting.

Options - on the lower left corner of every window in the prompt window, you will see the button Options. Click it there will be another window prompted. You can reset some parameters for the following schedule, except the first 2 pages Compression and Password, all other pages can be reset.