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File recovery

To recover file(s) and folder(s), please do as the following steps:

1. Click Recovery -> File recovery to start the wizard.

2. Select a backup task to recover (you can choose the right task based on its Description). If the task you want to recover is not in the list, locate it manually by clicking Browse.

3. All the backup images are listed in the timeline. Backup type and Created time is helpful for determining the proper image.

4. Specify files to recover. You can specify the files to recover in the following three modes.

  • Recover specific files or folders - specify the files or folders manually in the image file, only the selected files/folders will be recovered.
  • Recover files by types - select certain file type(s) to recover.
  • Search files to recover - search specified file name to recover.

5. Select a destination location to recover files to.

  • Recover to original location - the files or folders will be recovered to its original location.
  • Specify a recovery location - the selected files or folders will be recovered to a specified location without recovering the original file directory.

* If you already have the same files in the destination path, tick Replace existing files to continue the process.

6. Confirm all the settings for the current recovery, and then click Proceed to implement it. Or click Back to change the parameters.

Step by step tutorial: File backup and recovery