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Exchange Server backup

The Exchange version our product can support is Exchange 2003, Exchange 2007 and Exchange 2010.

All task and schedule you created in Exchange backup will be also listed under Management, which means you can still Edit or upgrade an Exchange backup task here.

Exchange normal backup

Click Backup -> Exchange backup in the Home window. Please ensure the Exchange server is mounted before executing the backup task.

1. Specify the task/plan name and Description. An accurate task name and some appropriate descriptions can help you to distinguish desired task from others, making it much easier when you want to do recovery.

  • Set advanced parameters for the current backup task/plan. See Backup options for detailed information.
  • To specify to when run the backup in a schedule, click Turn on. See Schedule backup for detailed information.

2. Select the backup source. Now there are two ways to backup Exchange.

  • Storage group mode
  • Mailbox mode

3. Specify where to save the image file. A Local disk, Network directory and Tape drive can be set as the backup destination. Click the Down Arrow to get the destination history.

  • Specify Existing images cleanup rules to manage image files automatically. Click the button "Image-reserve strategy" to Enable/Disable this function.
  • To add NAS Device, refer to NAS management

Step by step tutorial: Exchange backup and recovery