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Create system snapshot

To create a system snapshot, click Snapshot on the main window. The snapshot management window will be shown.

1. Click Enable. A window will be shown to ask you set disk space usage for snapshot.

2. Click Next to create the system snapshot.

3.Reboot the computer to activate the snapshot. The first snapshot will be generated after computer starts.
* You may not be able to see the snapshot files in your computer as they are hidden files. To hide the files is to protect the snapshot files from damage or virus infection or something else. And they are harmless to your computer.
*If your hard disk is not too small, we recommend you keep the default disk space size.

Once you activate snapshot, you can create new snapshots by simply clicking Create in the snapshot management window. Compare with backup feature, you don't need to select a location to store the snapshot files, it will automatically write to the file you created, and rebooting computer is not in demand if you just try to create a new snapshot.

In addition, the partition or the hard disk which contains the snapshot virtual protection file will be displayed as Protected in particular steps of some wizards in our product. In order to protect the virtual protection file, it is not allowed to write to the marked partition or hard disk, which means you can back up or clone the protected partition or hard disk, but you cannot recover or clone to it.