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Disk/Partition backup

1. Disk backup transfers all the data on the partition/disk(s) which you selected into an image file.Click Backup -> Disk/Parition backup in the Home window.

  • Specify the task/plan name and Description. An accurate task name and an appropriate description can help you to distinguish this task from others, making it much easier when you want to do recovery.
  • Set advanced parameters for the current backup task/plan. See Backup options for detailed information.
  • To specify to when run the backup in a schedule, click Turn on. See Schedule backup for detailed information.

2. Select the disk/partition(s) to back up. The system partition is selected by default if this is the first time you have run this feature. You are allowed to specify multiple partitions on different hard disks or more than one hard disk as backup source.

  • With Sector by sector backup selected, EaseUS Todo Backup will backup all the sectors on the selected partition(s)/hard disk(s). To learn more, see Sector by sector backup.

3. A Local disk, Network directory or Tape drive can be set as backup destination (Tape support is not available in EaseUS Todo Backup Free Edition and EaseUS Todo Backup Workstation Edition). Click the Down Arrow to get the destination history.

  • Specify Existing images cleanup rules to manage image files automatically. Click the button after "Image-reserve strategy" to Enable/Disable this function.

4. Click Proceed to finish the setting. Backup will be executed immediately if the schedule is not configured.;