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Backup to tape

A tape drive always consists with tape driver and physical magnetic tape. An administrator can read and write data on the magnetic tape through the tape driver. This kind of storage device is typically used for offline, archival data storage. Tape media generally has a favorable unit cost and long archival stability.

Save PBD image file to tape

The default extension of the generated image file of our product is PBD, the image file of normal backup task and Exchange backup task both has this extension. When you decide to save an image file to a tape, select Tape Device in the step where you need to specify the destination for current backup. For a PBD image file, our product needs at least 2GB free space on local hard disk for temp data transfers.

Save BAK image file to tape

BAK is the extension of the image file generated by MS SQL backup tool, for a BAK file, you can move the switch of Destination to Tape drive under Backup page of our MS SQL backup tool, and then, the image file will write to the selected tape. Since different algorithm used in SQL backup, our product will ask for a certain amount of free space on local hard disk, nearly the equal size of generated BAK file for transferring temp data in the process.

When recovering a BAK file from tape drive, you just need to select the radio button Tape drive behind Backup file under Recovery page.


  • Differential images cannot save to tape.
  • If you select a tape which already has some data existed, our product will ask you whether to overwrite these data in the process. Of course, you can insert another blank tape for saving the image file rather than clicking yes.
  • For a plan, our product will automatically create a full image on a new tape.
  • Our product cannot support automatically replacing the full tape for an auto-loading tape drive.

Tape management

If you always save images of our product to tapes, for a long term of use, it may difficult to figure out what is included in a tape without a physical label. So we provide this feature to help you manage all the tapes.

Click this feature, our product will list all detected tapes in a pop-up box, you can get a main idea about the content in each connected tapes from the list, or select an image file and click Wipe to remove it.