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Backup management

To open Management on the main window. All backup plans will be listed here, including the plan has finished or still scheduled. You can click Advanced --> Edit plan to see or modify details about a selected task or plan, or go to Backup to start backing up the changes for the current chosen file backup task or implement a fresh full backup for chosen disk and partition task.


New Backup - start a new backup or create another backup plan, it is unrelated to the existing tasks.

Backup - Choose to run Full/Incremental/Differential backup manually.

Recovery - directly start to recover from a selected full backup task/plan.


  • Edit plan - see or modify details about a selected task or plan
  • Delete backup -¬†Select an image file to delete (if a full backup image is deleted, all the incremental image files based on it will be removed too), if the option Delete plan/task is checked, our product will delete the record of the current chosen task or plan first (without the record, our product will not show the related plan/task anymore), and then a pop-up box will ask whether to delete the image file. Our product will delete only the image file if the option Delete plan/task is unchecked.
  • Check image - refer to check image to see more information.
  • Convert image - convert disk or partition image file to a virtual hard disk file, make it available for VMware (.vmdk) or Virtual (.vhd). A patch file is required before converting to VMware virtual hard disk file, which can be found in official website of VMware.