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Remote control and management for data backup and recovery

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2016-09-07 14:11:32 Posted by Daisy to Backup Resource

Remote backup and recovery solutions with EaseUS Todo Backup to do remote management to secure remote data security. It supports Windows 8/XP/Vista/7 and Windows Server 2012/2003/2008.

Remote backup and recovery

Remote control and management in EaseUS Backup Center mainly helps you manage PCs from one single machine. No matter you create backup copy of files, system, partitions on remote computer, or restore the backups to survive system disaster, you can perform all tasks within one computer. Within local area network, you can manage backups on remote computers with great convenience. It can remote manage and control all machines with installations of EaseUS Todo Backup Clients (EaseUS Todo Backup Free and Home excluded).

How to do remote backup and recovery?

1. Install the EaseUS Todo Backup client (such as Workstation edition, Server edition, etc.) on your computer. And most importantly, remember to tick off the button "Create a built-in account for centralized management".

2. Then install EaseUS Backup Center on another computer. First you should log in.

Central Management Management

Then you will see the main interface of EaseUS Backup Center.

You can add computers with EaseUS Todo Backup Clients by click "Add Computers"

Or you can create a group for same backup plan or tasks.

Then you can create backup plans or tasks

After creating backup tasks, you can deploy the backup plan or task to multiple machines with EaseUS Todo Backup installed.

The way to manage remote computers using EaseUS Backup Center is the same as you use EaseUS Todo Backup on local.


1. Remote backup is only avaliable when you install built-in account of Central Management Console.
2. Remote Exchange Server backup and recovery is only available when EaseUS Todo Backup Advanced Server installed on remote computer.
3. Remote backup and recovery is not available when EaseUS Todo Backup Free and Home is installed on remote computers.

Todo Backup for Mac

All-in-one software for Mac data backup and recovery, backup archive, disk clone and file synchronization.