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Easy tape backup server 2008 with EaseUS server backup software

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2016-09-12 11:00:38 Posted by Daisy to Backup Resource

Tape backup server 2008 is to backup Windows Server 2008 data to tape devices. EaseUS tape backup software - EaseUS Todo Backup Server and Advanced Server can easily back up your server 2008 data to your tape.

Tape backup server 2008 means backing up Windows Server 2008 data to tape devices. Storage devices are diverse, such as external hard drives, internal hard drives, DVD-R, USB flash drives, tapes, etc. It's easy to distinguish advantages from each item.

This article is about the solution to backup Server 2008 to tape.

Comparison between hard drive and tape

Let's compare disk and tape based on the element related with server backup & recovery.

1. The magnetic recording material on a tape is coated onto a thin plastic strip; the magnetic recording material on a hard disk is layered onto a high-precision aluminum or glass disk.
2. The information on a hard disk is stored in extremely small magnetic domains compared to a tape.
3. The small amounts of data rapidly can be read from the disk which is recorded around a circular disk and is perpendicularly across the tracks to reach the piece of data; tape is recorded in tracks going down the length of the tape often 1200 to 1800 feet in length.
4. Tape is faster than disk due to the constant recording nature of tape and its attendant high data transfer rate.
5. Price is an issue and the disk of course pays for the fast data access capability, which may be needed. With tape we can afford for a very low storage cost for storing large amounts of data.

Here, about this subject - tape backup server 2008, the following words could be concluded.

Using tape to backup server 2008 and storing data can save much spending. Its compact size is easy to carry and it has long service life. It has more than 50 years practicing history. It's a mature technology and has its user viscosity. Tape drive will not meet the problem like a crash of a read/write head in hard disk. So it has great attraction to those users who needs long-term offline data storage. When transferring or migrating data, using tape is much cheaper than using internet.

Why third-party tape backup server 2008 software?

As known to all, Windows Server 2008 has removed the tape device from the Windows backup feature. To some extent, it is a disaster on a grand scale. For the professional demand, an easy and reliable tape backup server 2008 software, working well with tape under Server 2008 is necessary. For sure, third-party tape backup server 2008 software could do more than the former Windows built-in backup features. Ensure your backup software could do the following tape backup works.

Tape Backup Software

1. Back up single files to tape.See File backup and recovery

2. Back up partitions to tape, See Hard disk/partition backup and recovery


EaseUS Todo Backup Server series, EaseUS Todo Backup Server and EaseUS Todo Backup Advanced Server, could meet the tape backup Server 2008 function. In addition to backup server 2008 data to tape, EaseUS Todo Backup Advanced Server supports MS SQL Server and Exchange Server backup & recovery, and more business usage features.

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