Restore system partition from Bootable CD/DVD

When we need system restore?

  • Does your system crash again for unknown reason?
  • Is the computer infected by virus?
  • Hacker attacked your system?
  • Change system configuration for false operation?

To restore system is the most effective way when users come across situations like these. Here, we strongly recommend advanced backup & recovery software for you. You can rely on it when there is something wrong with your system.

Why we need to restore system partition from bootable CD/DVD?

  • System crash may disable all applications under Windows, because you can't boot from Windows again.
  • You can't restore system partition under Windows since all system files have been in use. (Only the non-system partitions or disks are accessible to restore under Windows.)

Summary: a bootable CD/DVD can help you boot Windows in case of system crash, restore system to original state.

Step by step instruction to restore system partition from bootable CD/DVD

Put the bootable CD into the CD-ROM and change your BIOS settings: set CD-ROM as first boot device. Press "Del" when you are restarting the computer. Move CD-ROM Drive beyond Hard Drive. Press "F10" to save and exit.

Solution: Restore system partition from EaseUS Todo Backup WinPE based bootable disk

1. Boot from WinPE based bootable CD/DVD.

2. Click Browse to Recover.

3. Select the image file you want to recover and then select the source you want to restore

Select a snapshot

4. Select the destination location where you want to recover.

Select destination location

5. Confirm your recovery information and click Proceed to recover.

Video tutorial to create EaseUS Todo Backup WinPE bootable disk.

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