How to convert disk image to virtual disk file (.vmdk or .vhd)?

Why to convert disk image to virtual disk file?

Differing from physical hard disk, virtual hard disk is a file used as storage media for virtual machine. P2V (physical to virtual) can help you:

  • Migrate operating system on physical machine to virtual machine when creating a new virtual machine.
  • Convert physical disk image to virtual disk image to transfer data easily.

P2V (physical to virtual) function provided by EaseUS Todo Backup is the most time-saving way to create a new virtual machine.

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How to convert disk image to virtual disk file with EaseUS Todo Backup?

1. Launch EaseUS Todo Backup and click Tools -> P2V Conversion.

Select Convert image

2. Click Browse to select disk and partition backup image file.

Convert disk partition backup file

3. Select backup time point to convert. Enter virtual machine name and then select the virtual software vendor: VMware or Virtual PC. Click Browse to modify the location to save image file.

Select image file

4. Click Proceed.

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