Restore system to dissimilar hardware with EaseUS Todo Backup

Restoring system to dissimilar hardware could be well explained as another representation, Recover to dissimilar hardware, consisting in the excellent backup and restore software. With this feature, you can restore a complete Windows system to a dissimilar hardware configuration. If you need to replace failed hardware and couldn't find an exact device match for your original system specifications.

Conditions of restoring system to dissimilar hardware

1. Prevent motherboard failure.
No matter which operating system you use, there is still risk of motherboard failure. With Recover to dissimilar hardware, special feature for restoring system to dissimilar hardware, there will be no trouble for you to select replacement hardware.

2. Migrate system to dissimilar computer.
Try to transfer your current system to dissimilar computer with all programs and installed applications saved. Recover to dissimilar hardware is just the efficient way to transfer your current system to dissimilar hardware with all necessities saved.

3. Instant recovery of a failed system on different hardware

4. Deploy the same system on many computers with dissimilar hardware
When you try to create multiple computers with the same system state, Recover to dissimilar hardware is the easier and faster way to restore the same system state onto many a computer.

Windows Restore Vs Recover to dissimilar hardware of backup software

Frankly speaking, it is hard to restore Windows operating systems to dissimilar hardware. The key factor is that the hardware-dependent Microsoft Hardware Abstraction Layer drivers are embedded with the system's image.

Professional backup software with Recover to dissimilar hardware feature could allow to easily restore system to dissimilar hardware.

In addition to this factor, there are many other reasons for computer users to choose backup software with System Transfer feature, instead of Windows built-in backup and restore feature, such as disk/partition clone, multiple backup types, and so on.

Based on the above descriptions, EaseUS Todo Backup would be the best recommendation for all computer users. System Transfer, owned by EaseUS backup & restore software, could satisfy easy system restore process to dissimilar hardware.

Migrate a server to new hardware with recover to dissimilar hardware of EaseUS Todo Backup

Tutorial: How to restore Windows system backup to dissimilar hardware?

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