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How to backup/image a system drive in case of system crease?

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2016-09-13 17:44:43 Posted by Jeff to Backup Resource

Free drive backup or image backup software for Windows can backup your system drive partition by creating a backup image or clone the system hard disk.

System drive backup/imaging

System drive backup or imaging is essential and will save you a lot of troubles and time in the case of system crash. As to a home computer user, the PCs are always at risk as they may suffer from virus, malware, hacking attacks, etc. No matter how careful you are, you cannot always avoid data loss. So, to backup your system in advance is much better than to reinstall your windows and applications again. If so, have you ever planned to make a backup of your entire Windows Operating System, but never prefer to pay for a backup software which allows you to accomplish this task? Here, you can learn a totally free backup software which will both backup your system drive to an image and clone system disk to another to protect you away from system crash. It also offer users free disaster system restore from the backup image in the case of system crash by creating a bootable CD. Things will be much different if you have backed up your system drive with the free system backup software - EaseUS Todo Backup Free in the case of system crash.

How to backup the system drive or image drive with EaseUS Todo Backup Free?

EaseUS Todo Backup Free enables users to backup the system drive for Windows 8/XP/Vista/7, both 32 and 64 bit, to image for free and save it to CD/DVD or external hard drive to protect it. Once your computer crashes, you can restore your system by creating a bootable CD. If you have not backed up your system drive before, then, please download the free backup software and try this freeware to protect your data.

system drive backup software

Tips: Please do not save the image file to the partition which you want to restore.

After these steps, your system will be successfully backed up with this free system backup software. If there is something wrong with your system partition, please just perform restore backup image with EaseUS Todo Backup to make your computer works normally.

After important change to system, you need to backup system again, you can choose incremental backup to save a lot of time and disk space.

Why not grap a copy of this free backup software to create an image for your system C drive now to ensure the security of your Windows operating system now?

Todo Backup for Mac

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