How to Restore Hard Drive from Backup Image after Crash with Drive Backup Software?

To restore hard drive from backup image is the best way to secure your data after crash at present. Many computer users have learned the importance of backup and they do have the aware to backup their whole system and hard drive. It is much convenient and safe for them to just restore the whole hard drive from image in the case of data loss disaster. Do not think that your computer is in a safe condition; you never suffer data loss before and do not need to backup hard drive. This mind is putting your PC in danger. You never know what will happen to your computer next. A virus attack, power off or operation by mistake all will lead to your data loss. Here is a backup solution for you to backup your entire hard drive disk, and then restore the hard drive after crash - EaseUS Todo Backup.

Backup & restore hard drive advantages

Compared with data recovery software, say, EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard, restoring hard drive from image has more advantages. Restoring hard drive form backup image is much safer. If your hard drive with lost data has been overwritten by new content, it is hard to recover it by data recovery software. However, if you have previously backed it up, you can restore the entire hard drive no matter it was overwritten or not. Once you have backup image files, you can restore it. On the other hand, backup and restore may be cheaper. For sure, there are some useful data recovery software for you to recover deleted files, formatted or lost partition, or other reasons, such as Data Recovery Wizard. But what I want say is what you should do when your lost data is overwritten. This means backing up in advance is the absolute safe way to restore all your hard drive data from image. EaseUS Todo Backup is such a good solution for restoring all the files of your hard drive.

Restoring the hard drive with EaseUS Todo Backup step-by-step instructions

With easy-to-use interface, EaseUS Todo Backup enables users to backup and restore the hard driver easily. Please download it to backup your entire hard drive. Please restore hard drive according to:

Detailed steps for Windows hard drive recovery and backup.

Windows restore software - EaseUS Todo Backup

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