Clone hard drive with Windows 7 clone software

Why to clone hard disk drive?

Are you planning to upgrade old hard drive or operating system hard drive to a new and bigger one for your PC? How can you make an identical copy of the hard drive? How can you safely upgrade your operating system without bootable failure problem?

Many users have this plan, especially when Windows 7 was released. Many people want to clone the disk which contains original operating system, for example, Windows XP to another large disk. After that, install Windows 7 to build dual boot configuration. So if there is Windows 7 clone software, it is a great help. Upgrading your operating system can be a real pain: When operating system is located on the hard drive, you can't just copy and paste Windows files to the new hard drive, otherwise Windows may fail to boot from the new hard drive.

So, is there any safe and convenient way available to transfer data and upgrade to a newer, larger hard drive? Or is there Windows 7 clone software? Actually, the way to clone your operating system hard drive or other non-system disk exactly to the new one would be much safer and more convenient than reinstall Windows and load all applications all over again.

When to use disk cloning?

Disk clone is especially useful when you want to upgrade the older smaller hard disk to a newer larger one without having to install the operating system and applications once again.

This article will introduce a Windows 7 clone software, which offers safe and efficient disk clone to transfer your data on the old disk to a new one and backup your system in case of computer crash or system failure. See more features of this backup software...

How to use Windows 7 clone software?

Please follow the detailed step-by-step instructions to clone disk. Before that you may download and install a full version of this software and then start.

Download Todo Backup

Clone Windows 7 system disk - EaseUS Todo Backup

Step-by-step tutorial: How to clone hard drive with EaseUS Todo Backup?

Disk clone video tutorial: How to clone Windows 7 with EaseUS Todo Backup?.

Tips: If you want to boot the computer from the cloned disk, please use Disk clone function, because only cloning C partition cannot ensure you can boot the computer from the cloned disk.

Besides cloning disk, EaseUS also provides file backup, disk backup, full backup, incremental backup, differential backup, schedule backup, etc. features to protect your data.

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