Free Disk Cloning software to Upgrade Hard Drive

Why clone hard drive disk?

So you are planning to upgrade old hard drive or operating system hard drive to a new larger one for your PC? How can you make an identical copy of the hard drive? How can you safely upgrade your operating system without bootable failure?

Yes, upgrade your operating system can be a real pain: When operating system is located on the hard drive, you can't just copy and paste Windows files to the hard drive, otherwise Windows may fail to boot from the new hard drive.

So, is there any safe and convenient way available to transfer data and upgrade to a new larger hard drive? Actually, the way to clone your operating system hard drive or other non-system disk exactly to the new one would be much more safe and convenient than reinstall Windows and load all applications all over again.

Disk/hard drive clone software choices?

Question is how can you make an identical copy of your hard drive and clone the old hard drive to a new one? You can't just drag and drop files in Windows to the new drive. You have to make a bit-for-bit copy of your drive, including all the hidden files, files in use, and other junk that doesn't show up in Windows Explorer. So how about disk cloning software, like EaseUS Todo Backup?

How to clone/copy your hard drive with disk cloning software?

EaseUS Todo Backup, disk cloning software, offers you a safe and convenient solution to copy/clone the entire hard drive to another for upgrading to a newer larger hard disk or for transferring data for data protection in case of computer crash or system failure under Windows 8/XP/Vista/Windows 7 32 bit and 64 bit.

Disk Cloning Software

It is able to create an exact copy of one hard drive to another with either fast file-by-file copy or sector-by-sector copy, including the operating system, applications, preferences, settings, and data, no more worry about failure to boot from the new hard drive as well.

By the way, please make sure the destination hard disk is equal or larger than the source disk when you clone/copy your hard drive.

Why not download it now and follow the step by step instructions to copy & clone your hard drive with this cloning software.

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