Copy or Clone Hard Drive with low-cost Backup Software?

When you're upgrading to a new hard disk, you might think of copying or cloning the whole contents of your hard drive. If the hard drive contains system, you can't just drag and drop files in Windows to the new drive. Just copying and pasting Windows files will result in system unbootable from new hard drive. However, a third party copying software can do a perfect job to transfer all files including boot sectors and other important information related to system to the new hard disk, say the registry. This article will introduce you how to copy or clone the hard drive to another drive with this backup software.

Choose ease of use and cost-effective backup software

Nowadays, to meet the computer users' needs and provide the user a convenient and safe way to upgrade their old hard drive to new one, or make a backup of the entire hard drive, some famous software has been added with copy function.

Some commercial software will enable you to copy the hard drive. EaseUS Todo Backup isprofessional backup software which enables you to copy your entire hard drive to another with either fast file-by-file copy or sector-by-sector copy.

EaseUS Todo Backup is profexssional backup software for home and business users and it offers safe hard drive disk copy/clone to transfer your data on the old disk to a new one and backup your system or hard drive to image in case of computer crash or system failure. With simple steps you can move your large files to another place and backup your system in a few minutes. It is for all users and works with Windows 8, Windows XP(32 bit and 64 bit), Windows Vista and Windows 7(32 and 64 bit).

How to copy hard drive with EaseUS Todo Backup?

If you need to copy your hard drive, please download and install a full version of this software backup software first.

Download Todo Backup

Free Windows hard disk copy/clone- EaseUS Todo Backup

Step-by-step tutorial: How to clone hard drive with EaseUS Todo Backup?

After these steps, you have successful copied your hard drive and you may check the cloned disk in the Disk Management by right-click "My computer" and choose "Manage" -> "Storage" -> "Disk Management".

Hard drive clone tutorial


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