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Clone hard drive server 2008 to efficiently transfer server 2008 data.

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2016-09-08 16:43:06 Posted by Jeff to Backup Resource

EaseUS Todo Backup Server is a reliable Server cloing software that can clone Server 2008 r2. It is an easy way to transfer server data and upgrade your server hard drive safely and quickly.

Cloning hard drive server 2008 is an efficient way to transfer data under Windows Server 2008. In addition to this, to clone Server 2008 hard drive can also help server 2008 users to safely upgrade server hard drive. Therefore, those server users, always with large-capacity hard drive, should attach importance to a professional hard drive cloning software.

Ways to transfer Server 2008 data

Commonly, two ways can be used to transfer server data.

1. Back up the whole hard drive

This is a safe way to transfer Server 2008 data. You need to back up the whole hard drive at first, and then restore the image into the destination hard drive. It is obvious that two steps, even more steps, are necessary for you to transfer your Server 2008 data. This means much more time is inevitable.

2. Clone the whole hard drive

This way is more convenient than the first way to complete server data transfer. You can directly transfer your Server 2008 data into the destination hard drive, only one step needed. No matter which hard drive type you use, external hard drive or internal hard drive, cloning Server 2008 is available.

Right software to clone hard drive Server 2008/2003/2012

When you try to find a suitable one for your Server 2008 operating system, a great many cloning hard drive software appear in the Google list after, freeware and commercial software, or multiple versions, or other choices. Here, some points should be emphasized.

Those with multiple versions for different users are placed on the important position. That means each user can choose the most suitable version to meet different requirement. Home users can use free version to do basic hard drive clone and backup work, server users using special server version… Server version always supports more useful server features, such as, recover to dissimilar hardware, and so on.

Based on the above points, EaseUS server had drive cloning software, EaseUS Todo Backup Server, comes with the highest value.

Clone Hard Drive Server 2008

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