How to Backup and Restore Data from a Corrupt Hard Drive?

Restore data from corrupted hard drive

Hard Disk corruption can occur due to various natural or artificial reasons, which always brings real pain and panic for users. Does this mean you should loss the priceless data stored on the corrupted hard drive forever? No, there still is hope. You can restore the data by the follwing ways:

  • Install Windows on another good hard drive.
  • Attach the bad drive as a 2nd drive.
  • Run Data Recovery Wizard on good drive.
  • Use Data Recovery Wizard scan bad drive.
  • Backup recovery files over to good drive.
  • Check your backup data.
  • Boot from clean floppy, FDISK bad drive, reboot.
  • Boot from clean floppy, format bad drive.
  • Reinstall Windows on corrected drive.
  • Restore backup files to corrected drive.
  • Keep temporary backup drive incase bad drive has hardware failure.

Maybe you can restore the data from the corrupted hard drive, but it really is a long and complicated procedure. The misoperation may thoroughly clean your important data which will never be recovered. How to avoid data loss caused by corrupted hard drive? Instead of paying high fee for data recovery service, good backup plan will safeguard your data and hard drive all the time.

Data backup software to protect hard drive

Most computer users have recognized the importance of backup, because no one can confirm disasters will never happen. Virus attack, natural disasters and many misoperations can corrupt hard drive unpredictablly. Doing daily backup is wisest solution to keep data safe.

If the data is very small, you needn't turn to third-party software and just copy it to some storage media apart from the computer. If you want to backup the whole partition, disk or the operating system, we strongly recommend professional data backup software.

For home users and small business users, the cost of the backup software must be the first point you will consider. Don't worry, we will introduce affordable backup & recovery software. That is EaseUS Todo Backup

Backup and restore data

With this data backup software, you can do the following operatings to protect your data incase of hard drive corruption:

  • Back up and recover specified files and folders.
  • Back up and recover partition or disk including operating system.
  • Make backup schedule to run backup plan automatically.
  • Only back up the changed data using differential or incremental backup function.
  • Restore system to a new computer with different hardware.
  • Clone hard disk or partition to another one.

Download it to start your data protection plan right now!

If you are Windows Server users, EaseUS Todo Backup Server Edition will provide you top reliable solution of backup and recovery on Windows Server 2008/2003/2012.

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